Calvary Church Logo Animations

When I designed a new logo for a local church in my hometown, I decided to create some animations for no reason other than to try out some things I was interested in. First, I wanted to try to create a sketchy, 3D model of the logo building itself. Second, I was curious about motion tracking a 3D scene that included people in it. My goal was to create the logo in the scene hovering above the people, and motion match it a perfectly as possible.

This is the logo that we arrived at for the church. It's clean and concise, and perfectly suited to have some fun with.
This video above is the only render I have of this one. After this rendered out, I lost the working files. So, yes, this is the highest resolution I have of this. It still gives a good idea of what's possible with Cinema 4D's Sketch and Toon module (is that what it's called? I don't know).
This video above is simple a 3D tracking test to see how accurately Cinema 4D can motion match a scene that includes people moving around, with significant camera movement. It worked better than I expected actually.

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