Stellar Videos

This is a collection of space videos that I create from time to time. I'm a bit of an astronomy nerd, so when I'm pondering the mysteries of the universe, I often find myself wondering how I can digitally create that which I'm entranced by. Maybe it's moving through the cosmos far quicker than the speed of light, or flying into a nebula. Whatever. It's all fascinating.

For this clip, I was playing around with the Element 3D plugin created by Video Copilot. The earth and the meteors were created within Adobe After Effect using the plugin. The starfield and the dust trails were created using Trapcode Form and Trapcode Particular respectively. These particular plugins are fantastic as they interact with 3D cameras perfectly (so long as the scene is set up properly). Lens effects for this and all of the following videos were created using Video Copilot's Optical Flares plugin.
Again, this is an After Effects scene. The stars were created using Trapcode Form, and the nebula was created using Trapcode Mir. Both of these are incredibly fun to play around with. Mir in particular lends itself very well to nebula creation.
This galaxy scene was the most processor intensive scene here. It crashed After Effects on my maxed-out 2014 Macbook Pro repeatedly because the sheer number of particles involved overwhelmed the computer's specs. Eventually, I was able to find a balance where the effect looked right, but had significantly scaled down numbers.

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